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Unexpected Effect of Climate Change On Body Size for Many Different Species
Evolution of a Stream: Plants and Sea-Life Claim New Territory as Glaciers Retreat in Glacier Bay, Alaska
Fearing a Planet Without Apes
'Rewilded' rare tiger kills 'domesticated' relative
Panda Census In China To Begin For First Time In 10 Years
Our Partners

We believe that the best solutions arise when people work together with respect, communication and dedication to results. The International Center has strong relationships in China and the United States. We have collaborative agreements and working arrangements with the following partners:

The Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding                               www.panda.org.cn
The GLOBAL CAUSE Foundation                                                                       www.gcause.org
Drexel University, Philadelphia, PA                                                                     www.drexel.edu
Indiana-Purdue University, Fort Wayne, IN                                                        www.ipfw.edu
The Leatherback Trust, Haddonfield, NJ and Costa Rica                              www.leatherback.org
Global Culture to Culture                                                                                       www.glctc.org



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